Orchestra Conductor


I consider myself to have wide experience as a Conductor, as well as in the areas of Musicology and Music Pedagogy. This triple faceted profile allows me to combine various musical disciplines in multiple professional activities.

I base my professional activity on both directing music for different instrumental and choral ensembles, and teaching in music schools and secondary schools. I have acted both as conductor and performer, specializing in music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods and have held several concerts following historic criteria, using period instruments.

Furthermore, my research is centred on symphonic music from the second half of the 19th Century in Barcelona, studying the figure of composer Bernat Calvó Puig I Capdevila (1819-1880) having recovered and premièred his Symphony in 4 parts, Homage to Beethoven (1877) in a concert at the Barcelona Auditori in May 2012.

Other aspects which complement my varied professional activity are as cultural manager, directing and organising concerts and conferences and as Academic Director of CEM Gymel Music School in Sant Cugat.